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March 21, 2017
Atlas’ Estates team take centre stage
November 1, 2017

Atlas On The Road

Photo is left to right: some of Atlas' team: Darren Wrigley, Head of Medical Engineering, Stephen Waterfield, Atlas’ Chief Executive Officer, Katy Ryland, Project Support Officer and Marie Nelson, Community Health Services Operations Manager, were on hand to field questions from passing Trust staff.

The Atlas show is on the road!

The Atlas BFW Management Ltd (Atlas) team started the first in a series of roadshows, planned over the next 12 months aimed at engaging with Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust) staff, patients, service users and visitors.

The inaugural roadshow, saw some of Atlas’ team take up residence on the mezzanine floor at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, where they answered questions from passing staff, service users and visitors about all aspects of the new company, from what they do, where they are based, as well as their existing work and future plans.

Based at Ainscoe House in the grounds of Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Atlas, a property and facilities management services company, which is wholly owned by the Trust – operates an Alternative Delivery Model, which commenced in March 2017.

Stephen Waterfield, Atlas’ Chief Executive Officer said: “From our launch in March this year, our entire team has been working flat-out to get Atlas up and running. What an achievement!

Today was a fantastic opportunity to get out and speak to staff, service users and visitors about Atlas and to field their questions.”

Stephen adds: “Over the coming months, we’ll be holding more roadshows here in Blackpool and also out in the Trust’s community sites.

New sessions will focus on specific functions of Atlas from Capital and Property, to Medical Engineering and Facilities Management.

Our next stop is the Trust’s Annual General Meeting taking place on 21 September at Blackpool College.”

About Atlas

Atlas BFW Management Ltd (Atlas) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We are experts in property and facilities management and deliver fully managed services to customers throughout the North West of England. We pride ourselves in making your properties and facilities provide the best possible environment for you and your customers.