Medical Engineering

The Medical Engineering Department brings together medical device contracts management, a medical equipment library and a highly-skilled team of medical engineers.

Our Medical Engineering team undertake the commission and decommission, servicing and repair of medical devices and replace device accessories for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust). They can advise on what device is suitable for your needs, which new devices to procure and manage maintenance contracts for all devices.

Atlas’ Medical Engineers, like Phil Scarf, diagnose and repair over 70 devices each week. Why not find out more about what Phil does and read his story.

The Medical Engineering team provides the following services:

Medical Engineering

Atlas’ medical engineers manage the Trust's Medical Device database.

The department services both the acute site and numerous community sites across the North West. Their work included:

  • Acceptance testing new equipment and logging it on to the Trust’s asset database
  • Planned routine servicing of equipment
  • Repairs of faulty/damaged equipment
  • Safe decommission and disposal of old or obsolete equipment
  • Logging and testing of loan and trial equipment that comes in to the Trust
  • Equipment interrogation and reporting following alleged incidents
  • Project management and roll out of new devices
  • Undertake actions as necessary following safety device notices from manufacturers and MHRA
  • Undertake 24/7 medical device emergency on call response
Medical Device Procurement

Our Medical Device Procurement service comprises of:

  • Advice on purchasing new types of equipment
  • Purchase on behalf of client seeking best value and where possible, standardisation
  • Manage and operate a medical device spare parts and consumables store
Medical Equipment Library

We manage, deliver and collect medical devices that are requested from across the Trust and can offer the centralised store of common ward equipment.

This reduces the numbers of equipment required by the Trust and ensures maximum utilisation of the equipment available.

  • The loan of common equipment to wards and departments on a patient-by-patient basis
  • Logging of these loans for track and traceability; then it is known what equipment is used on which patient when
  • Ensuring that the loan equipment is cleaned between each patient use thus helping to reduce cross-infection and monitoring compliance with infection control
  • Ensuring all library devices are maintained in line with manufacturers’ guidelines and reporting of damaged equipment for repair
Contracts Management

We offer the centralised management of medical equipment maintenance contracts. This is achieved by:

  • Fostering close links with procurement suppliers, ensuring best value is negotiated on each maintenance contract
  • Keeping contracts from same supplier, across multiple department, or division, merged to ensure best value service
  • Monitoring contracts to ensure suppliers fully comply with the terms and conditions of the contract
  • Challenging suppliers when above contracts works are specified in service sheets

Atlas’ Medical Equipment Department works with Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in attaining and monitoring the compliance to satisfy Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2016: Regulation 15, Care Quality Commission (CQC) outcome 11, Medical Health Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) Regulations and Manufacturers Servicing Guidelines.